28 Days of Being Thankful Challenge Days 7-10...yeah I know

8:24 PM

Yes I know I'm terribly behind.... But I'm thankful I can try again, how's that?

Day 7- A failure I'm thankful for
Once upon a time I wanted to be a dancer. I studied for many years, ballet tap jazz hip hop modern,,every damn thing, Dancing was my life....and then it kinda wasn't. It was fun, beut it wasn't exactly my passion anymore. However I didn't really know how to say it. How do you tell your parents after 16+ years of paying for lessons, um i don't wanna do this anymore. Everybody expected me to dance. So at 20 years old I had a big audition for Knick's City Dancers... And I said well I won't make it and it will be okay...at least I can say I tried, without having to admit, I don't want to do this anymore.
So I reluctantly went to the audition, and lo and behold made it call back round,,,and then it hit me, if I make it, I have it do this. So I promptly went to bathroom and threw up like four times. I was so scared. And it wasn't stage fright, because I've performing since I was five. It was the fear of making this my real life. So I turned my number and I left in shame. I felt like I worked my whole life for this and I failed at my big chance. For a long time I thought I blew it. Many, many years later I'm thankful for my failure. If I hadn't chickened out I wouldn't have found out what I really wanted to do. I also probably wouldn't have gotten married and made four wonderful human beings.

Day 8- A Success
I think I'm thankful for the success of my blog. By success I don't mean numbers or subscribers, I could always use more (Hint, Hint). By success I mean the ability to touch people and make someone say "thank you for saying that". More than clicks and subscribers I love when someone feels inspired, or helped and or even just understood by reading my blog. That's the best kind of success.

Day 9- A food
 I'm thankful for plain Lay's Potato Chips, they cure everything... I'm on a diet and I haven't had any in 3 months but I dream about them. I still love them, I'm so glad they always taste the exact same way. Judge me if you must..I don't care.

Day 10- Words of Wisdom
About 6-7 years and two kids into my relationship with my now hubby we hit a particularly rough patch with lots of arguments, lots of disappointments, a lot of maybe this isn't going to work. I went to cry on my grandma's shoulder about how hard it was to do this living together, raising kids, etc. I wanted her to say my hubby was unreasonable, inconsiderate and all our problems were his fault. After all she's my grandmother! She gave me a very different and invaluable advice. She passed on some advice from her own mother-in-law. She said "Listen, He is the same person he was when you met him and he's going to be that same guy until the day he dies. You don't have to be with him unless you want to. If you do, accept that this is who he is. No amount of you complaining is going to change him, either you're going to deal with it or you're not. He's not gonna change and neither are you, can you deal with that? It's your choice." At first I was pissed at first because I wanted to be soothed and consoled. But after awhile I realized she was right. He's the guy I chose, so I can make it work or not, but spending my life trying to make him into someone else would have ended up with on of us incarcerated.So I decided yeah, I can deal with that. And after awhile, we got through that rough patch and I don't think I would have without my grandma giving me some tough love.

Let me know how you're doing on your own 28 days of being Thankful Challenge? You can follow others on this challenge here.

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