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For Anton.....

Once upon on time I knew I could fly. If I closed my eyes,wished hard enough, and said the magic words, I could fly. I knew because Anton told me I could.

Once upon a time, I knew I'd be the best prima ballerina, an Oscar winning actress and a millionaire. I knew I could do it, because Anton told me I would.

When we were young, my uncle Anton was my life coach, my playmate, my teacher, my inspiration and my partner in crime. He assumed in the most nonchalant way, that we would always succeed in whatever we had planned. So I had no reason to doubt it, as long as he was right next to me. I knew was good enough, probably better than most, because he told me. I knew I was smart enough, talented enough, because he told me. We played together, learned together and fought together. We finished each other's sentences, if we felt the need to talk at all. Whatever the other was feeling we just knew. At only 2 years apart we were twins in our souls. Inseparable for our entire childhood, …

Bad Mommy Moment #3062

For the most part I think I'm a good mom...At least my kids seem to think so. Well at least they rarely throw tomatoes and scream "you suck!" So I'm taking that as a win . But there is one mommy duty in which  I consistently receive a fail! It hurts me to have to admit this to you all.

I am the absolutely worst tooth fairy in the entire world. I never remember to do my toothy thing. This is the third kid losing teeth so you'd think I'd have this down to a science by now. I mean how hard is it, kids puts tooth under pillow, I wait until kid falls asleep and replace tooth with money easy peasy right?? WRONG!!  I always, always, always, forget. I don't know why. I get excited for them when they lose their teeth, maybe slightly queasy when they insist on showing the bloody hole(gag!) But by the time they go to bed and out that precious tiny tooth under their pillows... I completely zone out.

So last week on Sunday Syd loses another tooth at this point she'…