Bad Mommy Moment #3062

9:59 AM

For the most part I think I'm a good mom...At least my kids seem to think so. Well at least they rarely throw tomatoes and scream "you suck!" So I'm taking that as a win . But there is one mommy duty in which  I consistently receive a fail! It hurts me to have to admit this to you all.

I am the absolutely worst tooth fairy in the entire world. I never remember to do my toothy thing. This is the third kid losing teeth so you'd think I'd have this down to a science by now. I mean how hard is it, kids puts tooth under pillow, I wait until kid falls asleep and replace tooth with money easy peasy right?? WRONG!!  I always, always, always, forget. I don't know why. I get excited for them when they lose their teeth, maybe slightly queasy when they insist on showing the bloody hole(gag!) But by the time they go to bed and out that precious tiny tooth under their pillows... I completely zone out.

So last week on Sunday Syd loses another tooth at this point she's losing them way faster than they are growing back and I'm beginning to research baby dentures. And we do the whole "Omigosh! That's so awesome routine". And then we go on about our day. apparently she puts under her pillow Sunday night, and Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday night as I'm kissing her good night she says "Maybe I should sleep with my tooth next to me on my pillow because the tooth fairy can't find it. I keep putting my tooth under my pillow but it's still there everyday when I wake up. Maybe she can't see it?"

I'm thinking F%&K me, I can't believe I did it again! But I say don't worry I'll text her tonight and remind her and tell her where to look She says in wide eyed wonder" You have her phone number?" Of course I do, now get to bed!

I go to to tell hubby. I screwed up the fairy thing again. He reassures me that I'm a good mom and it's not a big deal and then says I'll make sure we remember tonight.
He reminds me, Syd gets her dollar. Thursday when she wakes up and we are all smiles.

And then Syd comes home from school Thursday with...Ta dahhh!! Another freakin baby tooth in a little envelope. We do the that's so awesome dance and get on with the day and night...and of course I forget to even tell Hubby so obviously the tooth fairy doesn't show up...except that Sydney wakes up singing I got another dollar from the tooth fairy...and I'm all like holy crap I forgot..ohh wait maybe I guess I didn't..I go to Hubby Did you give Sydney a dollar for her tooth, he's all like..wha?? And so that's when I start thinking , maybe cut out that half glass a wine at night I "occasionally" sip.... I rush about the morning routine with the mysterious tooth fairy still nagging in the back of my mind. And then as I drop off Summer for school as she removes her ear buds just long enough to say "oh by the way you owe me a dollar,,I gave it to Sydney for her tooth and I put the tooth on your dresser because I knew you would forget."

I give her an extra dollar and tell her she can most definitely take over tooth fairy duties from now on to which she agrees to by saying "swag" as she put her music back on and hops out of the car.

Everybody is happy, Sydney's got her dollar, Summer has a new job, and Mommy gets to keep her wine Whew!!! Crisis averted for today at least..

What mommy job can you just not get right???

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