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Allow me to reintroduce myself...

You know that feeling when you have when you've neglected a good friend, maybe you've forgotten a birthday or missed an important event. Not purposely of course, just life got in the way, you just got caught up in And then more times go by and now it's too late to casually mention it, so it gets more and more awkward...yeah well so here I am...back..I could give you 10 million reasons why I was on a hiatus but really life is my only excuse... So what have I been doing?....Bunch a stuff I promise to write all about soon, but for now let me just say hello, I've missed you, and I hope you missed me too....

P.S. All my readers know how dear Autism Awareness is to my's a link to my interview with Parenting Magazine about Autism: What we know right now...check it out

Talk to you soon..Buh Bye