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28 Days of Being Thankful Challenge Days 7-10...yeah I know

Yes I know I'm terribly behind.... But I'm thankful I can try again, how's that?

Day 7- A failure I'm thankful for
Once upon a time I wanted to be a dancer. I studied for many years, ballet tap jazz hip hop modern,,every damn thing, Dancing was my life....and then it kinda wasn't. It was fun, beut it wasn't exactly my passion anymore. However I didn't really know how to say it. How do you tell your parents after 16+ years of paying for lessons, um i don't wanna do this anymore. Everybody expected me to dance. So at 20 years old I had a big audition for Knick's City Dancers... And I said well I won't make it and it will be least I can say I tried, without having to admit, I don't want to do this anymore.
So I reluctantly went to the audition, and lo and behold made it call back round,,,and then it hit me, if I make it, I have it do this. So I promptly went to bathroom and threw up like four times. I was so scared. And it wasn't s…

Day 6 of Being Thankful- My children

My children are  probably what I'm most thankful for. In the fourteen years since my first baby was born, my heart has been opened  and filled with an all consuming love, I never knew possible, Summer Bunny, DJ, Syd and Spike make me laugh, cry, smile, even yell a little ( maybe a lot). I'm thankful for this messy, crazy loud and joy filled life they've given me.

28 Days of Being Thankful Challenge Day 5 Your Friends

Day 5- Friends

I really like this topic. Most people that know me are going to day... You have like 2 friends.. Totally untrue. The truth is I have a lots of acquaintances and very, very few friends. And I'm very thankful for this let me tell you why. A lot of people call everyone in their contact list their "friend". We met at a fundraiser, she's my friend, We worked together two years ago, he's my friend? Hello?? Not in my world.
I have a very specific list of criteria that needs to be met before I move you up to friend list.
 You can go out to brunch with anyone. My friends and I will cook cheese eggs in each others kitchens while stealing bacon as soon fast as we make it, with a our children's running in and out f the back door causing a ruckus. You can have a girls night with the woman in the next cubicle, but if you throw up because you can't even drink anymore and miss the whole party your friend will drag you to her couch and will call your husban…

28 Days of Being Thankful Day 3 and Day 4

So I forgot yesterday so here goes:

Day 3-A  person who lifts you up...there are of course many people at various times in my life who have lifted me up. But in recent months, my friend Felicia has come through on more than one occasion, with just the right joke to lighten up a serious situation, just the right word of encouragement when I feel bad, and even sometimes the right kick in the ass to get back on track. You can never have too many people in your corner who lift you up. I'm very lucky and very thankful that I have her.

Day 4 - Family I am definitely thankful for my children. They are the source and the reason for my strength. These beings come into the world with brand new hearts and brand new souls and I'm in awe and forever thankful of being blessed with the enormous responsibility of shaping these hearts and souls into generous and kind contributors to the world.

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28 Days of Being Thankful- Day 2 Strength

Day 2 calls for being thankful for a strength I have had or shown. I was a bit stumped by this I admit. I've decided I'm thankful that when I realized that my Spikey wasn't acting like a typical toddler and that he had more issues than I could explain away. I was strong enough to face my fears and seek a diagnosis. Early diagnosis and tons of early therapy has drastically changed Spike's life for the better.

28 Days of Gratitude Challenge.... And Day 1

As a working wife and mom, it's easy to get bogged down in the hustle and bustle of life and the never ending to do lists. We never take time to be thankful for what we have. I'm guilty of this, I admit it. So I'm attempting this blog challenge for two reasons. One, to get back in the habit of regular blogging and two to learn to live in a space of constant gratefulness. My hope is that purposely finding a reason to be grateful each day will help me make being grateful a habit, a lifestyle even. It can only be helpful right? So here's my challenge..

Day 1 A Blessing: Today I'm thankful for the blessing of an introduction. My aunt introduced me to mechanic who is repairing me car after an insurance company attempted to bully me into declaring it a total loss. It was a stressful situation and the simple blessing of an introduction has changed the whole situation. Thank you!!

P>S> I would love it if anyone wanted to join me on this challenge, let me know! I'…