28 Days of Being Thankful Challenge Day 5 Your Friends

3:41 PM

Day 5- Friends

I really like this topic. Most people that know me are going to day... You have like 2 friends.. Totally untrue. The truth is I have a lots of acquaintances and very, very few friends. And I'm very thankful for this let me tell you why. A lot of people call everyone in their contact list their "friend". We met at a fundraiser, she's my friend, We worked together two years ago, he's my friend? Hello?? Not in my world.
I have a very specific list of criteria that needs to be met before I move you up to friend list.
 You can go out to brunch with anyone. My friends and I will cook cheese eggs in each others kitchens while stealing bacon as soon fast as we make it, with a our children's running in and out f the back door causing a ruckus. You can have a girls night with the woman in the next cubicle, but if you throw up because you can't even drink anymore and miss the whole party your friend will drag you to her couch and will call your husband and say "hey she's knocked out on the couch, she's safe" and she doesn't post it on Instagram after. When acquaintances come into South Florida from out of town, they say lets hit the clubs,  take to see everything, give me a tour. When my friends come into town, they say show me the best part of the couch, let's catch up on everything we missed, while eating a box of Oreos, Double Stuffed, if it's been awhile. We don't front or fake for each other. They know all my dirty little secrets, all the dirt you never want to see the light of day, usually because they were doing it to! We laugh, cry and argue and we love each other to the death. You can have tons of acquaintances, you're lucky to get one friend! In that case I have just enough... you know who you are....

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