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It's the first day of school!! How did I do???

How was your summer? I must have asked and answered that question fifty times over the last few days during the countdown to school. And what can I say? It was ....regular.I had my usual high hopes for the summer. Family trips. Gourmet picnics. Lazy Beach Days. Summer play-dates.  Planned educational activities. Making scrapbook worthy childhood memories that my kids would remember for ever. So how did I do? Ehhh...not so good.

I mean we hit the beach..and the parks. And we did a picnic or two although I'm not sure if Lunchables count as gourmet. But for the most part we did a lot of nothing...We slept in ridiculously late and stayed up into the wee hours. We watched hours of Nickelodeon and rented every movie we missed in the last two years. They played video games and I cheered. I played video games and they laughed at me. We blew bubbles in the yard and drew chalk characters on the sidewalk. And after a lazy eight weeks doing Nada, I have to say I am exhausted!!

I was starting …

Before it's too late......

In life and in relationships with your friends and family there are lots of ups and downs. Times when you are close and times when you are distant. Friends have arguments, families have fall-outs, spouses have disagreements.

Most times you make up pretty quickly and then sometimes you don't. And you let some time go by , and you tell yourself I'm just gonna let it cool down. And then life happens and you may tell yourself I'll get to it one day. I'll get to it when I see them again. Or maybe you thought some thing was unforgivable at the time and later you change your mind and you may forgive them in head and heart but you never get around to saying the words. And sometimes there is no disagreement at all, you just drift apart you promise to catch up one day and yet that particular task never makes it to the top of your to do list, because it doesn't seem as urgent as that laundry pile or that important project.

We should always take the position that there may not…