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Not Having it All..........

I have a terrible habit. I want to be great at everything. I'm good at a lot of things,,,but I want to be great at everything. It's exhausting. And since I'm always trying to juggle a million things, I inevitably drop a ball or two or sixteen.

I want to be a great mom, like a fantastic one. I want to write an epic novel and a critically acclaimed film and produce thought provoking documentaries. I want to be a psalm 31 wife. I'd love to have an actual social life and let's not forget that mandatory "me" time. I'd love to have all of this while impeccably dressed in a size 4. That's my version of having it all. I'm sure"all" is not one size fits all.

Here's the problem. I suck at having it all. I mean I don't suck at all these things individually. If I put enough energy into one or two goals, I can be pretty amazing...when I start adding all my dreams goals to my regular list of to do's and I wanna do's, that's wh…