November is Gratitude Month

9:37 PM

Actually I have no idea, if it's really gratitude month, but it it is for me. I'm going to find something to be grateful for everyday until Thanksgiving. I'm trying to expand the practice of gratefulness in my everyday life, as a buy mom and businesswoman. You have a tendency to get bogged down in the everyday. I can spend a lot of time pursuing future successes instead of celebrating every day ones, I am promising myself to notice all the beauty, wonder and all around awesomeness in my own life everyday.
I tried this once and I failed miserably, But this time I'm ready. Yeah I know it's 4 days in and I'm already late But it's cool because I have 4 things to be grateful for already...So here goes.

1. As it's November 4th Election day for midterms, I'm grateful for the right to vote. I exercised my civic duty muscles today and it felt good to do my part.

2. I am grateful that Spikey participated in Halloween this year without any major hitches. My fellow autism moms know that can be a disaster.He tried a different costume ( a magician) instead of insisting on the same one from the last three years (uggh that tired pirate costume). he said trick or treat and happy Halloween and told me this was the best day ever.

3. Spikey ate an egg Sunday. I know that sounds mundane, but he has never eaten eggs in his entire life. His sensory issues make him reluctant to try many foods. But he had two. (okay I paid him a dollar to bite the first one, judge me, I don't even care) He told me he likes these "boiling eggs". I cried. Good day.

4. I took a chance on a dream of mine and launched my own lifestyle magazine. That's also why I've been absent from here for a bit, But I'm back... The magazine is doing well and I'm so grateful for all the people who believed in me and helped me with this huge an exciting project. you can check it out here

Okay 4 days down 23 more to go!

photo credit: Denis Collette...!!! via photopin cc

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