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Top Five Insane Moments from Being Mary Jane Episode 1

So confession, I didn't actually watch Being Mary Jane when it came on last year. I meant to, so I DVR'd it, and I meant to get around to it, but I never did. The one of my kids mistakenly erased while making room for Teen Wolf and Pretty Little Liars and Magic City (okay maybe that was me,.) But I caught up with the two hour special and first episode last night and I gotta tell you. I was pleasantly surprised. I might be a fan. So here's the top five moments from season premiere of Being Mary Jane.

1. The opening scene starts with Mary Jane ( Gabrielle Union) running to the rescue of Lisa. Lisa seems to have attempted suicide, she's had some wine and a lot of pills. Lisa also hasn't done this dishes in weeks. The mess in her kitchen could have driven anyone to drink. Mary Jane breaks the window, to get through the door. She finds her passed out friend and saves the day. She even cleans up that gross kitchen. What makes this insane you ask? Who the hell is Lisa? She wasn't in the two hour movie, she wasn't mentioned again. There was no explanation of who she was and why she was trying to kill herself, besides that she's "lonely". So I'm sorry, but what? I have a suspicion that maybe this scene was just so we can see what kind of friend MJ is. Selfless loyal and all that. However, it was a bit cray cray .

2. I thought it was sweet that David waited at her house all night while she took care of friend. It was all good until Andre shows up at her gate and David goes down to see who the he is. I just about died! I was covering my eyes and peeking through my fingers. Homeboy tried to play it of with the whole,"Oh I was lost" play, but as we see later on David wasn't buying it. Mary Jane peeking through the window watching new Boo and old Boo size each other up was fantastic. That was so real. I mean I'm just saying I've heard some people say that it's happened to them. Ahem, moving on.

3. So I know I'm not the only one died when Avery came to the office under the guise of a fan. Seriously what was she thinking? She wanted all the details of the affair, I mean like all the nitty gritty. I don't know who I was more uncomfortable for.

4. So what about that intense Hurricane Kenny scene? I felt for MJ as she was trying to stand up for her principles and against her friend. We saw it on the previous episode with the the story she was forced to cover the rapey women over the "Are Black Women ugly" story. Doing what's right for her over whats right for ratings is probably going to be running theme in this show. And Kara ditching her kid's recital for work..hmm. She's already said she lost her husband over her work. I guess she didn't learn her lesson.

5. Craziest, Most Insane moment? After Mary Jane has had a day from hell, between her mom calling constantly (Side Note Shug Avery still looks amazing!) her insanity at work and her newly ex-boyfriend's wife showing up to discuss her sex life she's had enough. And as she trying to sweat that out on the treadmill, who shows up but said newly ex-boyfriend who's MARRIED. At this moment we say how vulnerable MJ is. She's angry at him sure, but she's also been deeply hurt by someone who said they loved her. And I was feeling for her, especially when she went on his phone and saw his kids. She compliments his family nd she cries and theh.. THEY KISS??? WTF?  I was yelling No! No! No! at the screen. They get all steamy up in shower. And me being my neurotic self, although I was all "OMG he's married MJ no don't do it". I was also like eww those are the gyms showers there are so many germs, eww, yuck, stop. But I digress.

So the first episode was intense and very well done ( except for that random friend). I will be putting this on the DVR list. Right next to Teen Wolf. So tell me did you watch? What did you think?

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