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Films That Remind Me of Childhood

Annie - I was (am) in love with this movie. First, it's a musical, You'll notice this will become a theme. My uncle, my cousins and I would dance and sing the entire movie back to back, much to the chagrin of my mom. I even had the soundtrack album. I seriously considered the benefits of being an orphan

The Neverending Story - I was a total bookworm, so the idea that I could enter into a story and live it and manipulate the characters ( I'm so NOT a control-freak) was intoxicating. I watched it until the VCR tape broke. I still watch it every time it comes on. I tried passing it onto my kids. They like it but they don't love it like I did. Maybe good taste isn't hereditary.

Fame - ( Musical) I wanted nothing more to wear leg warmers to school everyday. I still watch it at least twice a year and feel all sad and has-beenish and yet thrilled to see it all at the same time. However, when I wanted to share it with my kids, I found the very questionable content in some areas also put it in the next category.

Childhood Films Where Removal was Necessary

I don't think my mom ever bothered to remove me from any movies. For some reason she didn't feel the need that I do to prescreen everything my kids will watch. Maybe she should I have because I can think of a few movies where removal was probably smart. 1. Nightmare on Elm Street: Johnny Depp hotness aside. I was terrified of that movie, I had multiple Freddie nightmares, where I barely escaped death. I occasionally still do. 2. The Godfather 1 and 2: I don't know if many other children watch this. I did multiple times. I think it totally desensitized me to movie violence. So I never blinked at Fight Club or Boondock Saints, go figure. It also started my lifelong obsession with all things mob and mafia related. I tried to name my son Santino. Don't judge me.

Films that Defined My Teens

Heathers- Before Mean Girls and the seven trillion sequels to "Bring It On, there was Heathers. Who didn't secretly think about offing their high school's Queen Bee? Wait maybe that was just me. Anyway heather's was seriously deranged and funny and seriously smart at the same time. And I loved the idea of a signature color and adopted mine way back then.

School Daze - Yes another Musical! Well It has important social issues like apartheid and racism within the black community. So is that why I loved it? Nope there were black people that looked like me and real music that played on the radio and great dance sequences and Tisha Campbell and Jasmine Guy had crazy big hair.

Films Seen Multiple Times at Theaters

I can't think of any. I never saw the appeal of paying multiple times to see a movie in the theater. Is this a real thing people do?

First Date Film

Shawn and I went on a double date to see Beverly Hills Cop 4 Oops I mean Metro with Eddie Murphy. The movie was terrible. We each sat next to our friend instead of each other. His friend threw his beer at the screen when it ended. Ahhh the joys of a new romance....
Nightmares from Films

I mentioned Nightmare on Elm Street above. Others were: The Exorcist, really just the vomit I have serious gag issues. The Ring, that kid came out of the well and I screamed like out loud. Also  I had the very bad idea to watch Rosemary's Baby for the first time while I was pregnant with my first child. I was ruined. For 2 weeks I gave birth to a hooved baby in my dreams every night.

Films that are Guilty Pleasures

The Golden Child - funniest ish ever. It never gets old.

The Wizard of Oz -  Just because

All Twilight movies (no I don't read the books). It's the most ridiculous story ever, He sparkles for cheese sakes. I like my vampires mean and ugly like Nosferatu or elegant and debonair like Lestat or sexy and tortured like Louie or Angel. or even just really funny like Spike. But I keep watching these insane Twilight dudes. It's like being a deer caught in the headlights. I can't look away.

Last Film I Saw at the Theater

I just saw The Avengers. I LOVED it. I'm kind of a Comic-Con geek kinda girl on the low, well maybe not that low since I just told all of you. Whatever,,,bite me

Film Everybody Else Seems to Know About That I've Never Seen

Confession, I've never seen The Deer Hunter, for a movie buff and TV addict I know this is insane. People always look at me weird when I say I never saw it. Which makes me not want to see it , just to be contrary.

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